Strategy in Action

CRH in Americas

We operate across all 50 US states, 9 Canadian provinces and in the Southeast region of Brazil.

Our Americas operations comprise Materials, Products and Distribution divisions. In Materials, we are the number one producer of asphalt, the second largest producer of aggregates and the third largest producer of readymixed concrete in North America. Our Products operations, with their national footprint and broad product range, are the leading supplier of concrete products and architectural glazing systems in North America. In Distribution, we are a leading supplier of product to the specialist Exterior roofing/siding contractor and also the Interior ceilings/walls demand segments.

Our strategy in the Americas is to build strong regional leadership positions. Our Materials business is underpinned by well-located long-term aggregates reserves, and with 55% exposure to infrastructure, we are the leading supplier of product to highway repair and maintenance in the US. Our Products businesses are principal suppliers to the residential and non-residential demand segments and are well-placed to grow as economic recovery takes hold. Growth opportunities for our Distribution business include investment in new and existing markets, in complementary private label and energy-saving products and in other building materials distribution segments that service professional dealer networks.

Approximately 42,800 people are employed by CRH in the Americas across c.1,750 locations.