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CRH plc establishes €1.5 Billion Euro Commercial Paper Programme

31 July 2017

CRH plc, the international building materials group, is pleased to announce that it has established a euro commercial paper programme (“CRH ECP Programme”). Under the CRH ECP Programme, CRH Finance DAC and CRH Finance (U.K.) plc, wholly-owned finance subsidiaries of CRH plc, may issue, from time to time (together, the “Issuers”), unsecured short-term euro commercial paper notes (the “Notes”) through appointed dealers up to a maximum aggregate amount outstanding at any time of €1.5 billion. The Notes will be guaranteed by CRH plc (the “Guarantor”) and will be sold to investors outside the US. The CRH ECP Programme adds flexibility to CRH’s short-term funding options, and complements CRH’s US commercial paper program launched in 2016.

The CRH ECP Programme has been assigned short-term ratings of A-2+ by Standard & Poor’s Credit Market Services Europe Limited (“S&P”), Prime-2 (“P-2”) by Moody’s Deutschland GmbH ("Moody’s") and F2 by Fitch Ratings Ltd ("Fitch").

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